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News From the Worshipful Master...
Worshipful Master
Harold Jackson

I hope this finds all of you in good health.

There has been a large number of people in our community affected with allergies from the high pollen count of ragweed in the last fourteen days. With the rains and cooler weather of fall, I hope the allergies will go away.

At our October stated meeting we have the following awards scheduled: 1 - 60th, 1 - 50th, and 1 - 25th. The 50th and 25th year certificates and pens will go to a father and son. Our secretary is checking our membership list to locate any members that are eligible for a 40 year or more award that can be present at this stated meeting. 

We are working on a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner combination. our December stated meeting falls on the 4th Tuesday (December 25th), and I don't think we would have very many brethren that would show up on Christmas evening for a stated meeting. I plan to call it off.

I hope to have some information concerning a blood drive to be hosted by the three lodges meeting in Lee Lockwood Library and Museum building during the time frame of the Grand Lodge meeting in December. 

Brothers, please come to our October 23rd stated meeting and bring your ladies with you. Any brother needing transportation, call 756-4974 or 662-1180. I hope to see you there.

   Fraternally Yours,
Harold Jackson
Worshipful Master


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